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WELCOME.... the Illinois Forum, "Focusing On Better Government"

The next meeting of the Illinois Forum will be held on November 15th in the meeting room at the Hardess Restaurant in Champaign Illinois. Dutch Treat luncheon begins at noon followed by the business meeting at 1:30 PM. For more information including the agenda, click HERE

The Illinois Forum is the spot for spirited discussions on any number of topics including:

  • Constitutional
  • Governmental
  • Judicial
  • Bureaucracies
  • Education
  • Family and Culture
  • Tax Matters
  • Abuse of Power

But the Illinois Forum doesn't stop there! It is also actively engaged in recruiting talented individuals to run for all Illinois Constitutional offices. But these won't be just any individuals! They must understand the issues, respect the Constitution,  and pledge themselves towards better government.

As a public service, the Illinois Forum website is sponsored by Jack Koenig & Associates, Bannockburn, IL 60015

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