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Letter To The Editor
By: Bob Redfern, Chairman of the Illinois Forum
Just as Republican as You!

Shortly after Jim Ryan's victory in the primary over challengers Corinne Wood and Patrick O'Malley, Governor George Ryan said social conservatives should get out of the Illinois Republican Party. Now this would sound like a self-destructive plan to most political observers, since Patrick O'Malley, the true choice of conservatives, drew nearly 1/3 of the Republican vote.

However, Ryan's tirade makes sense because, in a way, Ryan and the 25 years of GOP control of the governor's office has created a type of exclusive men's club in Springfield. In the governor's mind, at least, Ryan believes this is the way the GOP is supposed to operate.

I've got news for you, Mr. Governor. Conservatives, who, by the way, were directly responsible for your election in 1998, are just as loyal to the party as you are. In fact, the conservative agenda more closely emulates the GOP's state and national platform than your philosophy of big spending, big government and political elitism.

In reality, Mr. Ryan, perhaps it's time you and your type of politics find a home somewhere else. But with federal prosecutors referring to your campaign committee as a “criminal enterprise,” politics might be the least of your worries in the very near future.

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