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                                          Our Pledge To Illinois

We pledge to work for:

  • Term limits for Illinois constitutional offices
  • Firearm Laws which will allow qualified persons to obtain concealed hand gun permits
  • A Tax Amendment requiring a "Super Majority" (60%) of the General Assembly for all tax increases and/or the imposition of user fees
  • Criminal Code Reforms allowing local government bodies the use alternate means of punishment for non-capital offenses
  • School Reforms allowing the use of school related tax dollars for alternative schools
  • Welfare Reforms limiting the cumulative amount of time any given individual may use all forms of welfare (with provisions for extraordinary circumstances)
  • A Constitutional Amendment Allowing for the recall of elected officials
  • Health Care Programs providing Illinois citizens with tax credits for the purchase of private health insurance
  • Deregulation of  the Illinois code to reduce and simplify commerce regulations
  • Family Values and various means to promote the family body

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